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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trailer Revealed

Call of Duty Modern Warfare trailer was revealed to the masses on May 30.

Modern Warfare was rumored to be the title for the next installment earlier this year, but we didn't received confirmation from the developers. Now, we do.

Modern Warfare Trailer Revealed

The trailer shows a much more grizzly and real gameplay even though it's more modern. The futuristic style has been ditched as the developers is trying to bring back the realism the community knows and loves.

Modern Warfare Release Date

In the same Tweet, we saw the release date. Modern Warfare will release on Oct. 25, 2019. Modern Warfare will have a single-player campaign which Black Ops 4 did not to make time for Blackout.

Jacob Minkoff, the single-player design director on Modern Warfare, explained the focus of the new campaign, “We are telling a story about modern war in the real world. If we whitewash it, if we backpedal from it, if we show a world where the heroes fight the terrorists and win, you never see the impact on the average person, the collateral damage, or the morally gray situations that soldiers themselves have to face.”

The game seems to be a darker reboot for the franchise.

Photo courtesy of Activision