A Call of Duty player allegedly threatened to shoot another competitor Thursday ahead of the CWL Finals in Miami.

After a planned scrim session between two amateur Call of Duty teams was delayed, amateur player JSwavey claimed on Twitter that another player had threatened to shoot him at the tournament.

"He got the 40 for me at Miami!?" JSwavey wrote, "LMAOO ALL OVER A SCRIM!?"

"I’ll smack the life out this goofy," he wrote in another tweet. "Dude got a whole kid talking about shooting me at an event."

The player in question, ReallySilent, responded to JSwavey's tweet the same day to defend himself.

"And one don’t even put my kids any where near your mouth," he wrote. "Take it there and I’ll have to hit the family up and TRUST me you don’t want that"

ReallySilent made a comment to Dexerto following the exchange denying that there had been real malice in his statements and claiming he and JSwavey were long-time friends.

"Basically it meant 0 between the both of us," he said. "He misunderstood what I said and thought I was talking crap to him and told me he would 'beat my ass' so I said 'run up on me I got the 40' or something like that. Didn't actually say I'd shoot him or anything weird I've known him for half a decade and both of us knew our argument had 0 weight.

"Our mistake was bringing it to Twitter. But no. I was not serious and we have nothing but love for each other it was all a misunderstanding and not that deep at all!"

JSwavey himself has yet to weigh in publicly.

CWL Miami is the last opportunity for Amateur Circuit players to earn their place at the Call of Duty World Championship. It is scheduled to take place July 19.

Photo courtesy of Activision