Call of Duty Players Debate Whether Five Weapon Attachments is Better Than 10

Photo courtesy of Sledgehammer Games

One Call of Duty player posted a question on Reddit about the five versus 10 attachment debate. Titled, "Thoughts on 5 weapon attachments vs 10?" players shared their opinions on why they missed the older version. Sledgehammer Games introduced 10 attachments per weapon in the Gunsmith for Vanguard, technically giving players more control and variation for their favorites weapons.

But as players will explain, it doesn't necessarily make it better.

As one said, "5 is the superior attachment system…and it’s probably easier for devs to balance." It's an important note, as balancing weapons is very important for multiplayer and Warzone, so the easier it is for the developers the better.

While a few players brought up the fact that they didn't have to sacrifice anything to get a certain bonus, others thought that was the brilliance of the five attachment system. You couldn't have everything.

"That reason is why 5 is better. You cant just build the best gun. You gotta make sacrifices? Want fully loaded? Gotta drop an attachment? Dont need a sight? You can add something else. Maxing out just isnt as good."

This debate is probably going down at Infinity Ward as they prepare for the next installment of Call of Duty and Warzone. Finding that perfect balance between choice and sacrifice is an important one and hopefully, they nail it.