Call of Duty

Call of Duty Players Find Fortune's Keep Easter Egg

Courtesy of Activision

With Call of Duty Season 4 seeing the release of a new rebirth map named Fortune's Keep, fans were introduced to a whole new landscape with diverse POIs and a breath of fresh air from Rebirth Island.

Fan reception has been lukewarm, with many players enjoying the new map, and some who already want to return to Rebirth Island. Fortune's keep also is slightly larger than Rebirth Island, and contains secrets the fans are already beginning to discover.

The biggest discovery so far is an easter egg hidden within Fortune's Keep. Here's how to find it:

  • Head to the Graveyard location in Fortune’s Keep
  • Pick up the shovel from the open grave in the middle of the Graveyard.
  • Find three candles and light them up. Every time you load into Fortune's Keep the candles will spawn around the graveyard randomly, for a better chance of finding them look inside or near the mausoleums and columbariums there.

After the candles are collected, there will be a sinister-sounding laugh. Once this happens you are ready to begin the final steps.

To finish the easter egg you must:

  • Head to the tombstone at the center of the location, and interact to “Pay Respects” (a reference to the infamous meme from Advanced Warfare).
  • After completing this there will be another sinister laugh, and a zombie will crawl up from under the grave.

Killing the zombie will drop money, weapons, and self-revives.

Easter eggs within Warzone maps are fairly uncommon, so in the coming weeks it'll be interesting to see what else Fortune's Keep is hiding.