Call of Duty Pros Speak Out Against Devs as Another Silent Patch Introduces Changes and Bugs

Call of Duty League pro players have recently voiced their frustration with Infinity Ward for repeatedly introducing stealth changes in silent updates
Call of Duty League pro players have recently voiced their frustration with Infinity Ward for repeatedly introducing stealth changes in silent updates / Photo courtesy of Call of Duty League

Call of Duty pros are livid with Infinity Ward after another set of unnoted, non-transparent, and silent changes were recently pushed through. After being thrilled initially that pros moving forward would be able to scrim on 60hz servers instead of the standard this year of 12hz, their moment of happiness quickly turned sour when they collectively noticed more stealth changes to spawns, and bugs introduced that affect the trophy system piece of equipment.

Dubbed “another infamous silent spawn patch…” by Dallas Empire’s Ian “Crimsix” Porter, Infinity Ward introducing stealth changes not made transparent in patch notes is nothing new for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Casual, pros, and content creators alike have slammed the move consistently as it creates confusion, lacks honesty and transparency, and as evidenced by the sentiment of CDL pros, is increasingly unprofessional. 

As individuals whose livelihood rests on the laurels of game integrity, the introduction of unannounced changes and stealth updates has blindsided pro Call of Duty players collectively.

Stealth Changes to Spawns and New Trophy System Bug Has CDL Pros Up in Arms

Stealth changes in question include a change to the spawn location algorithm, something that has been tweaked by the devs many times since the game’s launch in October 2019. As evidenced by Trei “Zer0” Morris of the London Royal Ravens, he shows the change to the spawn algorithm, as he is killed by an opposing player, spawns into a relatively safe area, then is somehow shot in the back in his own spawn. Noting, “The rumors are true spawns have changed, cannot believe my eyeballs on what we are dealing with this year with this game," his frustration is understandable as such a situation involving spawns would affect CDL matches immensely.

Outside of spawns, another change introduced inadvertently seems to be that the Trophy System field upgrade is failing to stop incoming pieces of tactical and lethal equipment. 

While stealth changes do not seem to be going away anytime soon - at least for the current Call of Duty title - it remains to be seen if the devs will respond to the concerns of their pro players, when they have been silent for so long. Call of Duty pros are quick to settle on “gentleman’s agreements” when they encounter something in-game allowed in the official CDL ruleset, but what they deem to be non-competitive, but changes to game functionality such as spawns hold weight they cannot influence. 

With professionals up in arms and given the huge platform they have to reach fans and consumers, Infinity Ward seems to stay unfazed in this situation. We assume they may respond to the pressing matter of the Trophy System bug, but that may come - in an all but certain upcoming silent/stealth update in the near future.