Call of Duty Update 1.23 Adds 200-Player Warzone, MP5 and Grau Nerfs

Call of Duty Update 1.23 brought new stakes and new guns to Warzone.
Call of Duty Update 1.23 brought new stakes and new guns to Warzone. / Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Update 1.23 brought 200-player Warzone matches and new gulag weapons to the game early Tuesday morning.

The new 200-player Warzone playlist, available for a limited time, allows four-player teams to drop into Verdansk with 49 other teams. Previously, Warzone capped participants at 150 players.

Players in the gulag will be able to use semi-automatic rifles, sniper rifles and a loadout with nothing but fists and a knife.

The spotter scope, a new piece of equipment, allows Warzone players to zoom in on distant locations and mark enemies for their teammates.

New supply run contracts give players who take them a limited time to receive discounts on all Buy Station purchases.

Tuesday's update also brings plenty of new playlists and weapon balance changes. See those below.

Modern Warfare Update 1.23 Playlists

  • Ground War
  • Blueprint Gunfight
  • Team Defender
  • Cheshire Park 24/7
  • Shoot the Ship 24/7
  • Gunfight Tournaments
  • Realism Mosh Pit is now in the Quick Play Filter

Warzone Update 1.23 Playlists

  • BR Quads 200
  • BR Trios
  • BR Duos
  • BR Solos
  • Plunder: Blood Money

Warzone Update 1.23 Weapon Changes

  • The M4 will perform an AR magazine reload when attempting to reload the underbarrel launcher while you have the 50 Round Mag attachment equipped. This has been fixed
  • Stopping Power is now applied to headshots. Only certain weapons can go from a 2-shot to a 1-shot head shot, like the FAL and Oden. This fixes a few cases where headshots could sometimes do less damage than body shots when using Stopping Power

Increased Max Ammo

  • M4 .458 SOCOM Rounds

Increased Max Ammo and Start Ammo

  • CR-56 AMAX M67 Rounds
  • SKS 10 Round Mags
  • Striker 45 Hollowpoint Rounds
  • SCAR Default Mags
  • Oden Default Mags

Increased Start Ammo

  • SCAR 25 Round Mags
  • Oden 25 Round Mags


  • Increased damage range


  • Guaranteed one-hit to lower torso at any range


  • Increased ADS speed
  • Small decrease to hip spread
  • Increased damage range

MK2 Carbine

  • Faster movement speed
  • Increased damage range


  • Increased ADS speed
  • 2 hit kill min
  • Gun recoil returns to the center more
  • Faster rate of fire


  • Added a close range damage shelf with one-hit headshot potential


  • Increased ADS speed


  • Decreased damage range


  • Decreased damage range
  • Decreased 10mm damage range
  • Reduced long range damage to 10mm ammo
  • Slight recoil increase to 10mm ammo

Grau 5.56

  • Damage range reduction
  • Slight increase to high frequency recoil
  • Reduced recoil compensation and decreased range on Tempus 26.4” Archangel and FSS 20.8” Nexus barrels

Shotgun Slugs

  • Increased projectile velocity
  • Reduced ads spread
  • Added dynamic hip spread
  • Increased damage ranges
  • Increased lower torso damage

No stock attachment

  • Increased weapon recoil
  • Decreased ADS aiming steadiness