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Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha Confirms Return of Controversial Feature

Photo by @FleXy_

The Call of Duty: Vanguard alpha is days away from going live, but images regarding features and settings are making the rounds on social media.

First off, an image from charlieINTEL confirmed the return of Tactical Sprint. A feature that first debuted in Modern Warfare (2019), later continued in Warzone though absent from Black Ops Cold War. Second, and more controversial, is the return of interactable doors. Another feature introduced in Modern Warfare multiplayer, fans are not happy that this has returned.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha Confirms Return of Controversial Feature

CDL Intel cross-posted an image from Twitter user @FleXy_ showcasing a Door Bash Interaction setting in the Alpha. The setting reads as follows:

  • Manual: Doors can only be opened by pressing Interact (square)
  • Automatic: Running through a closed door will open it automatically

Opening doors was a controversial feature in both the Call of Duty esports and casual scene. As was Tactical Sprint. Fans were happy both were absent from Cold War, but it seems Vanguard is reverting things back to Modern Warfare. CharlieINTEL tweeted that fans who enjoyed MW's feel, style and gameplay would enjoy Vanguard. On the contrary, most of the player base disliked both features.

On top of the fact that most fans are unhappy about the return to a World War II setting, it's been a tumultuous start to the game's release window. PlayStation users will get a chance to try the game in alpha on Aug. 27.