Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Vanguard Hitboxes Are Broken

Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard has barely been out for a week and players are already running into some severe problems. While bugs and errors are part of any new game, Vanguard's biggest issue has to do with the gameplay itself.

While everybody complains about hitboxes being incorrect, bullets not registering despite the sights trained on an enemy, and players being screwed out of a rightfully earned kill, the exact opposite is happening in Vanguard. While players are complaining about hitboxes are incorrect, they are leading to players getting kills they shouldn't rather than players not getting kills they should.

Take a look at this clip posted to Reddit by u/fpsdredd. In this clip, fpsdredd is clearly aiming above the head of an enemy in a custom lobby. Despite aiming well above the enemies' head, the shot registers indicating there is a chunk of space above players' heads that are part of their hitboxes.

While this clip is only one isolated example, the complaints are widespread. Across various social media platforms, players are complaining about Vanguard's broken hitboxes.

Though some players disagree with the idea that the hitboxes are "broken," instead a share of players are arguing that the expanded hitboxes are an intentional balancing feature designed by Sledgehammer. If operators hitboxes were solely contrained to the size of the operator, then some would have a smaller or bigger hitboxes than others. The ones with smaller hitboxes would have an immense competitive advantage and thus cause a major imbalance in the game.

If this expanded hitbox is unintentional then Sledgehammer will likely get to work quickly and remedy the issue. All players can do is wait and see if the hitboxes are addressed by Sledgehammer, only time will tell if these designs were intentional or not.