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Call of Duty Vanguard Update 1.09 Patch Buffs Kar98k

A new patch has dropped for Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard Season One, applying rebalances and fixes to multiplayer, zombies, and the game's campaign.
A new patch has dropped for Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard Season One, applying rebalances and fixes to multiplayer, zombies, and the game's campaign. / Activision

A new patch has dropped for Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard Season One, applying rebalances and fixes to multiplayer, zombies, and the game's campaign.

The latest patch went live on Wednesday, Dec. 15. We've broken down all the changes made to the game below, lifting sections directly from the notes for reader convenience and ease of comprehension.

Call of Duty Vanguard Update 1.09 Multiplayer Tweaks


Using Daniel's alternative skin will no longer crash the game.

Seasonal Challenges

Progression for Seasonal Challenges is now visible, active, and tracking.


The following bugs have been addressed in regards to weapons in multiplayer:

  • Riot Shield now blocks front-facing damage and bullets will not penetrate
  • The Firefight Blueprint has been fixed to remove light coming from the front end of the barrel and parts of the optic
  • Kar98K Hunter incentive skin no longer causes the gun to aim down the iron sights instead of the attached scope
  • Top Break muzzles no longer jump on reload
  • Corrected Loadouts using 7 Round Mags so the total ammo count is divisible by 7
  • Addressed multiple issues with charms in a QOL pass
  • Weapon animations have been polished and some glitches have been resolved

The Panzerfaust Challenge has been changed from destroying aerial streaks to longshot kills.

The following weapons have been rebalanced:

  • Kar98k & Type 99—When using a lower caliber magazine, these weapons will now retain the ability for One-Shot-Kills when landing chest shots.
  • Top Break—No longer reduces damage, but range reduction increased.
  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle—The default scope will no longer heavily obscure player vision when meleeing with the bayonet.

Melee range has been reduced for Bayonet when Reach Kit Perk is applied.

Double Barrel camo has had its wording corrected in the Death Artist Challenge to say "16 Gauge Mag" instead of "12 Gauge Mag." The Assault Rifle Alpha and the M1 Garand camos now show the proper progression.

Cross-progression between Vanguard and Warzone has been adjusted, including:

  • Master Ribbons data from Cold War will now be imported and reflected in Vanguard.
  • Getting kills in Warzone now counts toward challenges in Vanguard.


Mortar Barrage has had its damage dealt by Flare increased. It has also been tweaked to make deployment less difficult.



  • Fixed several out-of-map exploits.
  • Fixed instances of unnatural hitching when jumping against ramped walls.


  • Fixed issue which made some doors indestructible.
  • Fixed out-of-map spawns and exploits.

Desert Siege:

  • Spawn tuning to reduce instances of spawning close to enemies.
  • Blinking texture issues have been fixed in several locations.
  • Fixed a rendering issue that resulted in intense fog for some players.


  • Bullet penetration issues for certain walls have been fixed.
  • MK2 Frag Grenade blast radius no longer affects players who should be protected by walls.

Red Star has had a bug fixed that resulted in lighting effects following the player like a spotlight around the map.

Distancing and graphically incorrect shadows no longer appear under light fixtures on Berlin.

Developers removed invisible geo in Numa Numa that blocked bullets midair.

Gavutu has had a bug fixed in which an invisible wall remained after it was destroyed.

Demolition and Tactician Perks now operate as intended on Demansyk.

Sub Pens, Castle, Oasis, and Das Haus have all had out-of-map exploits fixed.


Control mode is now live!

Champion Hill has received the following changes:

  • Players will no longer crash out of Champion Hill Duos, resulting in the closure of the entire game.
  • Players can now access Scoreboard and Spectate Mode.


The user interface and user experience in COD Vanguard have been adjusted accordingly:

  • Users will no longer get errors saying they don’t have Crossplay permission when attempting to add other consoles to a party
  • Flairs now appear with every Prestige level-up, and XP bars should reflect Prestige progression
  • Duplicate Prestige icons have been fixed

Call of Duty Vanguard Update 1.09 Zombies Mode Tweaks


The following changes have been made to the Purge objective:

  • Visibility improved in low light areas, making it more visually clear when capturing Control Runes.
  • The progress bar no longer overlaps various notifications such as Challenge Completions, Rank Ups, Weapon Level Ups, and more.
  • Professor Krafft will now acknowledge Purge objective completions.



  • No longer damages zombies when the player is downed.
  • Adjusted to now only deal damage to zombies that are in the player’s line-of-sight.

Launchers now work as intended with the Dead Accurate Covenant.

Swift Vengeance:

  • Updated the description to reflect that only weapon damage is increased with the use of this Covenant.
  • Knives now work as intended.


The following issues have been addressed regarding weapons in Zombies:

  • Weapons obtained from crates briefly displayed the wrong model when dropping.
  • Some Mystery Box weapons would appear with their magazine detached from the weapon.
  • Players are prevented from loading into a match with their preferred custom reticle.
  • Incorrectly identified some Launcher damages as critical hits.


Zombies gameplay has received the following changes:

  • Portals will now provide players with an opportunity to visit each destination before giving an option to return to the same location.
  • Closed various exploits that prevented players from taking damage from zombies.


Melee Camo Challenges have been adjusted to count kills, not eliminations with the exception of Sturmkrieger Challenges.


Zombies' user interface has been updated in the following ways:

  • Zone names have been added in places where they were absent from the map.
  • The in-game scoreboard now shows the player in the correct ranking.
  • Addressed an issue with overlapping scoreboard UI.


Addressed an issue in which Operator and Announcer voice communications could compete with each other.

In-Game Text/Subtitles

Players should experience multiple fixes having been made to in-game text and subtilties, including to:

  • Subtitles when players select the English language setting.
  • Voice lines and subtitles when players select the German language setting.
  • Text descriptions when players select the Brazilian Portuguese language setting.
  • Subtitles when players select the Polish language setting.


Sledgehammer has addressed an issue that would sometimes kick a player to the main Zombies menu when Copying and Replacing loadouts. The developers also applied various unnamed stability improvements.

Call of Duty Vanguard Update 1.09 Campaign Tweaks

A bug that caused by an unresponsive character that created a progression block in the Lady Nightingale level has been fixed.

The official patch notes can be found on Sledgehammer's COD Vanguard's news blog.