Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare New Additions for the Next Week

New Updates in Warzone and Multiplayer
New Updates in Warzone and Multiplayer / Courtesy of Activision

Throughout the next week, and some by the time of this post, fresh content will be added in the Modern Warfare and Warzone world.

For starters, we'll be receiving the second of two operators planned to be released this season. Iskra, a native of Urzikstan and a member of the Chimera faction, is now a playable operator available in store. The operator is also purchasable in a bundle along with two new Legendary weapons, the 'Savagery' helicopter vehicle skin, finishing move, and plenty more.

The 'Twin Suns' bundle features an LMG and handgun blueprint. Both of these blueprints are built for silent, but deadly executions with a smooth orange finish on the weapon itself.

CoD Playlist Additions

In Modern Warfare, Demolition will be added to the playlist. In this mode, all offensive players will be given a bomb with two sites to be destroyed. Fast paced, lots of action, and everybody is a threat.

3v3 Gunfight Knives Only is another new playable gamemode. Throwing knives, melees, or finishing moves are the only ways to take down your opponents, so get creative to be the first to six rounds.

The final playlist change is the addition of the "Shoot the Rusty Ship" 24/7 playlist which will be another playlist centered around close range engagements. Rust, Shipment, and Shoothouse will be the three playable maps, fulfilling the playlist name's promises.