Call of Duty

Call of Duty Warzone Bug Gives Player Extra Arm

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

When dropping into Warzone players normally don't see an extra limb attached to their player, but for u/acoolrocket that's exactly what happened.

In a clip posted to reddit, u/acoolrocket uncovered a new bug while he was hurtling toward the ground. Acoolrocket's character was mere feet from hitting the ground without having deployed their parachute. Consequently, their character stuck out their arms in order to brace for impact. When their arms stuck out, acoolrocket quickly noticed that their character had an extra arm.

The extra arm disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared and wasn't seen again. Acoolrocket landed and then ran around with the normal number of two arms. Unfortunately for u/acoolrocket, and the rest of us viewing the clip, they got to make no use of the additional arm. That doesn't stop the mind from wondering about what advantages three arms could give warzone players. Perhaps wielding an extra gun, throwing a grenade, infinitely holding a heartbeat sensor. The possibilities are endless and intriguing though they will never see the light of day.

The cause of the mysterious and anatomically incorrect bug is unknown and no other clips of this Warzone bug have seemed to surface. Nevertheless, fellow Warzone players were quick to start cracking a variety of jokes. Some joked about a new game or mode being teased while others joked about Warzone added the Mortal Kombat character Goro, a character known for having an extra set of arms.

It is unknown if the bug can be replicated or if it's an issue that Activision is looking into, but it's unlikely many other players will experience this hilarious bug while dropping onto the battlefield.