Call of Duty Warzone Leak Indicate Potential Verdansk Map Changes

New Warzone leak could mean the "circle" is no longer gas
New Warzone leak could mean the "circle" is no longer gas / Courtesy of Activision

A new Call of Duty Warzone leak could mean that we see some new adjustments to Verdansk coming in Season 4. While we now know that the recent hype about a completely new map was misguided with TheGamingRevolution debunking it, we do also know that new playable areas and additions have been on the horizons.

Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki has said that players have picked up on clues and hints that there is more in in Verdansk than we already know, so changes might be nearby.


The main takeaway from this leak is that the new deadly circle that closes in limiting the area may become sandstorm rather than gas. The tweet above shows a sandstorm cloud surrounding Urzikstan which could be a hint something similar is coming to Verdansk.

What this means for the game, we're not sure, but it could bring some flair to the closing circle. Maybe, like a sandstorm, players' vision is shrouded by the dust? Maybe players' map gets blocked and their orientation lost, and they have to rely on their map knowledge to make it out of the circle. This could really change how the game is played when not making to the circle in time almost means sure death, and a frustrating fight back into the clear skies.

This is only speculation, and we still aren't sure any map changes are coming to Warzone, but the thought of it is intriguing.