Call of Duty

Call of Duty Warzone Players Slam 'Pay-to-Win' Night Terror Skin

The Night Terror skin is difficult to see in low light conditions.
The Night Terror skin is difficult to see in low light conditions. / Courtesy of Activision

Over the course of Warzone's brief history, there have been hundreds of skins implemented into the game. Some skins have been well received by the Warzone community, while others like the Roze skin from Modern Warfare have been criticized for how hard they are to see on enemy players in dark areas of Warzone.

The latest skin to fall in this category is the new Night Terror skin, added in the Season 4 update of Warzone in June. The name is fitting, considering at night or in dark settings, the skin terrorizes enemy players who aren't paying attention.

The Night Terror skin is one of those blacked out skins that is almost impossible to see on first glance. Many CoD players are bashing how it is reminicent of the Modern Warfare Roze skin, with how difficult it is to see right away in dimly lit areas. One CoD player even showed how their teammate looked with the skin equipped under a tent in Caldera.

Without the teammate label and gamertag, it's admittedly difficult to see the player at first glance, so in high-pressure situations where your focus is on other enemies or the circle, it's even harder to catch one of these skins sitting in a corner waiting for a new victim. The advantage is even more egregious because players can spend real world cash on the skin for a notable in-game advantage, raising concerns about Warzone becoming pay-to-win.

The Roze skin of old was fixed by developers with lighting changes, so we'll have to wait to see if they hear the outcry from players regarding this new skin, now nicknamed "Roze 3.0."