Call of Duty YouTuber Finds Exploit That Allows You to Pick Up Unlimited Guns

Call of Duty: Unlimited Guns Glitch
Call of Duty: Unlimited Guns Glitch | Call of Duty

A recently new unlimited weapons glitch in Call of Duty now joins the countless and seemingly endless number of glitches that appear in-game.

From the secret ways to get outside the maps, to finding the most annoying sniping spots on multiplayer, Call of Duty’s glitch history is known far and wide throughout the community, and this new one is no different.

Normally, a standard Call of Duty loadout only carries a player's two weapons of choice, their primary and secondary. The recently new unlimited weapons glitch allows players to pick up as many weapons as they choose.

To make the unlimited weapons exploit work, you must first equip the shield turret kill streak in your loadout menu. To unlock the kill streak in-game, you will need to get 12 kills without dying or you could equip the Perk Hardline to get points towards the turret quicker.

Once you get your turret, you will want to place yourself in a spot where there is a decent amount of guns on the ground. Place your shield turret near the weapons, activate the turret, and then quickly detach from it and pick up a gun on the ground. Keep performing that process of quickly attaching, detaching, and you'll have all the weapons on the ground.

Infinity Ward has yet to respond to the exploit, but expect them to fix it soon.