Camille, Jayce, Vi and Jinx to Enter Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends Patch 9.16

Jayce is one of four new champions in Teamfight Tactics
Jayce is one of four new champions in Teamfight Tactics /

Six summoner icons, three Little Legends and four Teamfight Tactics champions arrived on the Public Beta Environment on Wednesday in the latest League of Legends Patch 9.16 PBE update.

The icons included in the League of Legends PBE update are titled What's in the Box, Pirate's Bounty, 3-Star Awesome, Pass 2 Champion, Pengu Portal Party and Dueling Spatulas. The Little Legends are called Protector, Hushtail and Paddlemar. Protector is an angry-looking cat, Hushtail a vaguely insect-like Eevee, and Paddlemar a contented turtle. Check out images at Surrender@20.

Camille, Jayce, Vi and Jinx make up the new Teamfight Tactics arrivals. Riot Games explained each champion as follows:


  • Tier: 1 Cost
  • Class: Blademaster
  • Ability: Hextech Ultimatum - Camille roots and damages her current auto-attack target. Camille’s allies that can attack that target will switch their current target to do so.
  • Meta: Ideally, Camille can single out an enemy and help her team focus fire them down. Explicit external control over AI’s targeting is a new effect, and we’d like to see players consider who they want to target on the enemy team.


  • Tier: 2 Cost
  • Class: Shapeshifter
  • Ability: Thundering Blow + Transform Mercury Cannon - Knock back his target then change to ranged, gaining max attack speed for a few attacks.
  • Meta: Jayce is able to break up the enemy front line fairly early on in the fight, a premium and rare effect in TFT. Jayce also has particularly low mana cost for a shapeshifter (50).


  • Tier: 3 Cost
  • Class: Brawler
  • Ability: Assault and Battery - Vi targets the furthest enemy and charges towards them, knocking aside everyone else while knocking up and dealing damage on impact with her target.
  • Meta: Vi provides back line access on priority targets, but on a mana delay unlike Assassins. This is a powerful effect that we think the game needs a bit more of, as currently it is almost entirely monopolized by Assassins.


  • Tier: 4 Cost
  • Class: Gunslinger
  • Ability: Get Excited - Jinx gets more excited as she scores takedowns. After her first, she gains attack speed. After her second, she pulls out Fishbones for AoE damage on Autos.
  • Meta: Given Miss Fortune's channeled ultimate, she can't functionally serve as the premier AA DPS gunslinger. Jinx will offer ramping AoE AA damage through Fishbones, in contrast to Draven's ramping single target damage - but she will be particularly squishy for high risk and reward.

All four of the new champions are Hextech, a new Origin that disables enemy items once its threshold is met. Exact numbers are still in flux, with iteration likely before the champions arrive on live servers.

League of Legends Patch 9.16 is scheduled to arrive Aug. 14.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games