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Camp Facilities in Far Cry 6 Explained

Courtesy of Ubisoft Games
Courtesy of Ubisoft Games /

Far Cry 6 has just released, and one of the features that players are very excited about is the Camp Facilities, and what they can do for the Yaran Revolution. These facilities are a very interesting addition to the game that provide non-action-related goals for players to reach. Here is everything you need to know about the Camp Facilities in Far Cry 6.

Camp Facilities in Far Cry 6 Explained

These Camp Facilities are a major part of the gameplay loop in Far Cry 6, players are able to set up six outposts across Yara to give them an advantage in the revolution. Once players progress in the game a bit, they will unlock these buildings which can be upgraded by speaking to their foreman. Talking to him can bring up the construction that can be done on these bases, as well as the upgrades you can give them.

These buildings can give a huge boost to the player, providing them with information and resources that would be very hard to come across otherwise. There is also more opportunity to gain Pesos, the games currency, through Operations. These Operations involve sending troops on adventures where the player makes decisions that directly impact the outcome. This can bring in a lot of money, but also may lead to lost resources or lives.

These Camps can be accessed today with the launch of Far Cry 6. Players can experience this base building as well as all of the action packed excitemetn that comes with every entry into the Far Cry universe. Far Cry 6 is out now on both PC and consoles.