Can Azelf be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Photo by Niantic

The Lake Trio is back in action this September in Pokemon GO, taking to the corners of the globe to challenge trainers. Last time they appeared, their shiny form was not in the game, so players were unable to encounter their rare forms. Have things changed since then? Can Azelf be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Legendaries are a particularly rare occurrence in Pokemon games, as their once-per-gameplay appearances give players only one chance to luck out and encounter their shiny variant. In later titles, legendaries are shiny-locked, meaning that the days of finding legitimate shiny legendaries in normal play are gone. Pokemon GO has defied this new norm, giving players some opportunities to face shiny legendaries if they’re lucky enough. But has this trend carried over into the trio?

Can Azelf be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Azelf and the Lake Trio has returned in Pokemon GO to commemorate their new shiny forms. Appearing in five-star raids all through September and having dedicated raid hours every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., players will have quite a few chances to face a shiny Azelf. 

Like with all shiny encounters, there will be several things upon encountering that will occur when you’ve met with a shiny Pokemon. Azelf’s shiny color scheme is a major tell, as its white body is replaced with a sheen gold while its blue parts will appear richer. Second, sparkles will appear around Azelf upon encounter, along with a corresponding sound effect. Finally, a little icon with three stars will appear next to Azelf’s name. 

Players are now able to encounter Azelf in raids, where they will hopefully encounter this alternate-colored variant.