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Can Cosmoem Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Niantic Labs

As a part of Pokemon GO's Season of Light, Cosmoem, the evolution of Cosmog, was announced to make its debut--but can Cosmoem be in shiny form? While Cosmog can freely be received at the beginning of the Cosmic Companion special research, this new announcement has players wondering if they have an opportunity to catch a rare form of this Pokemon.

Cosmoem, originally from Generation VII, can be obtained from Oct. 5 to Oct. 11, when players will be able to evolve their Cosmog during the Evolving Stars event. It can evolve with 25 Cosmog Candies, which can be obtained after completing four tiers of requests for the Cosmic Companion special research.

Can Cosmoem Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Currently, the only way to receive a Cosmog is through the beginning of the special research, and it is not in shiny form. As a result, it is unfortunately not possible for Cosmoem to be shiny. However, it's been hinted that it may be possible to catch a wild Cosmog, which could potentially be in shiny form, in the future.

This is the second of three major events in the Cosmic Companion special research, the third of which occurring on Nov. 23. While the third event could entail the ability to catch a wild Cosmog or Cosmoem, the special research will last until Dec. 1, so players will have plenty of time to prepare and gather the necessary items to add these new Pokemon to their team.