Can Drifblim be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Can Drifblim be Shiny in Pokemon GO?
Can Drifblim be Shiny in Pokemon GO? / Niantic Labs

Drifloon will be featured as this week's Spotlight Hour Pokemon in Pokemon GO—allowing trainers the opportunity to evolve it into Drifblim.

Drifblim's origins may be even more unsettling than that of its pre-evolved form, Drifloon. Now larger, Drifblim can carry off fully grown people and animals rather than gently leading them away. It is supposedly made up of regretful souls. Despite being a flying-type, Drifblim cannot fly on its own volition. It "drifts" through the sky on wind currents and can end up pretty much anywhere.

DBLTAP does not recommend trainers allow themselves to be airlifted by this Pokemon for any reason.

Shiny Drifblim in Pokemon GO

Yes, like its pre-evolved form, Drifblim does have a shiny variant available in Pokemon GO. It and Drifloon both had their shiny color palettes launch with their debut during the in-game Halloween event in Oct. 2018.

Shiny Drifblim keeps its colors in line with those of Drifloon. Its dusty purples become yellow and cream, respectively, with cyan accents. Its red eyes and bottom fringe become green. Again, as with its pre-evolved form, the fluffy white tuft at the top of its head remains the same.

Drifblim is a ghost and flying-type with the following stats:

  • Maximum CP: 2693
  • Maximum HP: 274
  • Attack: 180
  • Defense: 102
  • Stamina: 312

Its PokeDex number is #246. Also known as the "Blimp" Pokemon—leaning into its namesake—it is known for carrying off both people and Pokemon at will. The "raw material for the gas inside its body is souls," according to its description.

Trainers can evolve a Drifblim from Drifloon using 50 candies.