Can Fortnite Run on Linux?

Can Fortnite run on Linux? It sure can!

Valve has been trying to improve the appeal and usability of PC gaming on Linux and making big games available on the platform is one of those steps.

It involves some tinkering to play some of the games, including Fortnite. Here's how to do it.

Can Fortnite Run on Linux?

There are quite a few different videos and articles that breakdown the process of running Fortnite on Linux. It's a whole process to get this to work, so it's still better to play Fortnite on workable platforms.

For fans playing Fortnite on their favorite platform, you can start finishing Season 9 Week 6 challenges. This week has a heavy focus on Hot Spots. Don't spend any time looking for the Secret Star as there is none this week.

Good luck getting Fortnite working on Linux!

Photo courtesy of Epic Games