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Can Joltik be Shiny in Pokémon GO?

Joltik in Pokémon GO
Joltik in Pokémon GO / Courtesy of Nintendo

Pokémon GO players have wondered whether or not Joltik can be Shiny in the game.

On Aug. 16, Pokémon GO held a Pokémon spotlight for Joltik, meaning players had significantly increased rates of catching Joltik as they played. Joltik is an Electric Bug Pokémon, and the tiny arachnid has likely made its way into a lot of players Pokédex after the spotlight. However, people are likely wondering whether or not they can catch a shiny Joltik in the game.

Can Joltik be Shiny in Pokémon GO?

As of now, there is no Shiny Joltik in Pokémon GO, but there's definitely a chance it will be added later on. However, there's so far been no news as to when Shiny Joltik will be added to the game, or whether or not there will be another Joltik spotlight anytime soon.

Although Joltik did have a spotlight, Pokémon Spotlights don't actually increase the rates of Shiny appearances. However, since your chances of seeing the same Pokémon are increased, there are objectively higher chances you may run into a Shiny of the Pokémon that's being Spotlighted. For players who are desperate for a Shiny Joltik, their best bet is to wait until it's released into the game, and then possibly for another Joltik Spotlight, an Electric or Bug-type event, or a Unova Region event.