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Can Ledyba be Shiny in Pokémon GO?

Image courtesy of Niantic

With Ledbya's Spotlight Hour in the rearview mirror, shiny hunters may be wondering if they've just had a bad afternoon of luck, or if the shiny version of Ledbya is even available in Pokémon GO for players to find. Shiny boosting is common during events like Community Day, but doesn't actually end up happening during Spotlight Hours, so fans may be a little confused. Here is your answer.

Can Ledyba be Shiny in Pokémon GO?

In good news for all the shiny hunters, Lebyba can be found shiny in Pokémon GO. The bad news though is that if the increased Spotlight Hour spawn rates didn't help you out, then you're going to be faced with an even larger task to find your shiny Ledyba to complete your collection. Given that there was no boost to the shiny rate of Ledyba during the Spotlight Hour, not only would your encounter rate in the wild of Ledyba return to normal, but the odds of catching a shiny Pokémon would then be added on top of that in order to see if the encounter you get is shiny.

For the average player just looking to get lucky, missing out on shiny Ledyba is not the end of the world. Its shiny is very similar to its normal form, with both its body and wings receiving a slight yellow tint. For the hardcore shiny hunters though, your quest may just have to continue at those unfortunate small base shiny encounter odds.