Can Natu be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Natu in the anime
Natu in the anime / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Can Natu be shiny in Pokemon GO? Natu, the tiny bird Pokemon, starred in the most recent spotlight hour on Tuesday. Because of the increased Natu spawns, many trainers are wondering whether or not they can catch a shiny Natu.

Although the spotlight hour is already over, Natu is a commonly spawning Pokemon in the wild, so it's still good to know whether shiny Natu is in the game so trainers can search for it.

Can Natu be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Luckily for trainers that want to add more shiny Pokemon to their collection, Natu can be shiny in Pokemon GO.

In their shiny forms, Natu and its evolution Xatu are colored in a slightly lighter shade of green. At first glance, it may be hard to recognize the color difference, but the sparkling visual effects will surely clue you in when you find a shiny Natu.

Natu is a Psychic- and Flying-type Pokemon, so trainers looking for a shiny Natu should pay more attention to windy days when it is more likely to spawn. It's a good idea to encounter as many Natu as you can to maximize your chances of coming across a shiny.

Xatu's Pokedex number is 177. Because its wings aren't fully grown, it has to hop to get around, and it's always staring at something. Trainers can evolve Natu into Xatu with 50 candy.

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