Can Oshawott be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

September’s Community Day featuring Oshawott has come and gone, and players are happy with their newly-acquired catches. However, many wonder if a shiny version of the Sea Otter Pokemon was added into the game, following the trend of past Community Days. Can Oshawott be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Oshawott was first introduced in Pokemon Black and White as the game’s Water-type starter, becoming a first companion for many aspiring Unova trainers. It may look adorable, but its second and final evolutions, Dewott and Samurott respectively, are very powerful Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, Samurott is one of the best Pokemon in the game.

Can Oshawott be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Players will be happy to learn that shiny Oshawotts exist in Pokemon GO! In fact, Oshawott’s entire evolution line can appear in their alternate-colored variants, as they were added with the recent Community Day featuring Oshawott in September. During this day, Oshawotts were very common, and players had the best possible chance to encounter a shiny version of them. 

But even with the recent Community Day’s close, Trainers can still try their hand at getting a Shiny of this adorable sea otter. Oshawotts and Dewotts can be found normally in the wild, so there’s always the old-fashioned way of finding this shiny. Oshawotts cannot be hatched from eggs, so just cross your fingers and step out into the world.

Shiny variants of Oshawott and its entire evolution line are now available to obtain in Pokemon GO.