Can Shellos be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

There are lots of shiny variants to existing Pokemon, but can Shellos be shiny in Pokemon GO? With two upcoming spotlight hours devoted to both forms of the Sea Slug Pokemon, players are readying their Poke Balls and clearing their schedules to capture both variants of Shellos, and maybe, just strike it gold with a possible shiny. 

Out of the five spotlight hours slated to take place in August, Shellos will be featured in two of them. While the spotlight hour for the East Sea variant has already occurred on August 10, next week will see the West Sea Shellos front and center. August 10’s spotlight hour saw a big turnout, as players wanted to try their hand at obtaining the hard-to-come-by Pokemon. Yet despite all the Shellos captured that hour, there seemed to be an apparent lack of anyone reporting any shinies.

Can Shellos be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Now, is there a way to obtain shiny Shellos in Pokemon GO? The short answer is no, as Shiny Shellos doesn't even exist in the game as of writing. Even with the two spotlight hours devoted to the Sea Slug Pokemon, both West and East Shellos haven't been announced to make any kind of debut, and therefore are unavailable to everyone. 

The spotlight hour for West Sea Shellos will occur sometime on the week of August 15, though there is no confirmed date as of writing.