Can Shuppet be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Can Shuppet be shiny in Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know
Can Shuppet be shiny in Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know / Niantic Labs

Can Shuppet be shiny in Pokemon GO is one of the more sought after answers this week.

Niantic Labs chose Shuppet to be the next Pokemon featured in Spotlight Hour last Tuesday, Oct. 20. This pure ghost-type made its debut with the Halloween 2017 event alongside other Hoenn region Pokemon. However, its shiny variant did not see a game-wide release until12 days later on Oct. 31. It has since been one of the more common encounters during the dusk and night time hours, according to trainers.

Can Shuppet be Shiny in Pokemon GO

Yes, Shuppet can be shiny in Pokemon GO. Shiny Shuppet—try saying that five times fast—has an alternate color palette that can only be uncovered during an encounter. Otherwise, all Shuppet will appear with their normal color scheme when spawning on the map.

Shiny Shuppet replaces its dusky midnight purple body with a dark turquoise or teal. Its eyes and black accenting remain the same, however, if not appearing slightly more yellow due to the green-yellow undertones in the body.

Shuppet has a CP ceiling of 1018, an attack stat of 163, defense of 65, and stamina of 127. It can have a hitpoint total of 112. The best moveset for this Pokemon contains the quick move Feint Attack and the charged move Return. Astonish and Ominous Wind are also acceptable choices, respectively.

Hailing from the Hoenn region, Shuppet, also known as the "Puppet Pokemon" has a PokeDex number of 353. It is best known for its strong attraction to feelings of jealousy and vengeance. Trainers can evolve Shuppet into Banette using 50 candies.