Can Snorunt Be Shiny in Pokemon GO

Can Snorunt Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?
Can Snorunt Be Shiny in Pokemon GO? / Photo Courtesy of Niantic

Can Snorunt be shiny in Pokemon GO? It’s a question that many have been asking, especially around this time of the year. The holiday season brings with it snow for many parts of the world, and what better match for the cold weather than to have an Ice-type Pokemon!

Can Snorunt Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

To answer this pressing question, yes, you are able to find shiny Snorunts in the wild! Ever since the Pokemon’s release on Dec. 21, 2017, the shiny version of this cute little Ice-type has been available.

Let’s talk about Snorunt in a little more detail, because deciding whether or not you should invest resources into a Snorunt is dependent on a few characteristics. First off, Snorunt’s gender determines its evolution. 

If you have a female Snorunt then it will evolve into the Ice and Ghost-type Froslass. This Pokemon has incredible potential, largely due to the variety of moves that it can learn. For fast attacks, it can learn Hex and Powder Snow, two largely unremarkable moves. However, paired with some of the most powerful charged attacks like Avalanche, Crunch, or Shadow Ball it can be a deadly combo. Having a Froslass with Hex and Avalanche would provide a strong cross-section of super-effective moves.

On the other hand, a male Snorunt will evolve into a purely Ice-type Glalie. This cute little orb is heavily focused on Ice-type moves, both of its fast attacks being Ice moves. As for the charged attacks, there is a little more variety. You’ll have a choice between Avalanche and Shadow Ball, much like Froslass, but you’ll also have access to Gyro Ball, a fairly weak Steel-type move.

Whichever Snorunt evolution you choose, the Winter season should bring ample opportunities to catch all the Snorunts you could possibly need!