Can Squirtle be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Can Squirtle be Shiny in Pokemon GO: Answered
Can Squirtle be Shiny in Pokemon GO: Answered / Niantic Labs

Can Squirtle be shiny in Pokemon GO is a valid question as we approach the rainy summer months.

Shiny Pokemon are one of the most fun aspects of Pokemon GO. They're like hidden treasures that force trainers to get up, get out, and put in the miles to encounter them. Finding a shiny Pokemon is a 1 out of 400 chance that serves not only as a badge of determination, but also of luck. Not to mention the palette variants are often fun to collect, as well.

Can Squirtle be Shiny in Pokemon GO

Squirtle can be shiny in Pokemon GO. It was one of the first starter Pokemon released in the game alongside Charmander, Bulbasaur, and franchise mascot Pikachu nearly four years ago. Its community day, two years later, introduced its sunglasses variant. Obviously, in the influx of squirtle made it much easier to catch a shiny at that time.

The chance of encountering a shiny is 1 out of every 450, according to Silph Road. This means that you'll need to find a nest where they spawn continuously or wait for an event. Like other water Pokemon, Squirtle can be found near bodies of water or when it rains. Trainers may also have better luck during Spotlight or Mystery Hours every week.

Shiny Squirtle has more of a sea-green coloring to it. In comparison with its normal palette, shiny Squirtle's scales are teal and its shell is moss green. Its colors continue to change as it evolves by shifting to purple skin and a warmer underbelly.