Can You 1v1 in Splitgate?

Can you 1v1 in Splitgate? Here's what you need to know.
Can you 1v1 in Splitgate? Here's what you need to know. / Photo courtesy of 1047 Games

Can you 1-v-1 in Splitgate? The mind-bending arena shooter has taken the world by storm, and players are curious about the different ways you can play the game. Although there are plenty of options, basic, meme-y, and inventive in the game's arsenal of game modes, is it possible to play 1-v-1 matches?

Can You 1v1 in Splitgate?

It is possible to play Splitgate 1-v-1, but it can't be done through any of the standard matchmaking game modes. Instead, players looking to duke it out with a single friend and play 1-v-1 in Splitgate will have to create their own custom online match.

To create a custom online match, select "Play" from the main screen, then select the "Custom Match" option. Choose "Create," pick a server name from your boundless imagination, and then — to prevent randoms from joining your game — tick the "Private Server" box. Set a password for the game and share it with the friend you're aiming to take on.

Choose your region, set the "Max Players" to two, then hit "Create Game" and, after a brief stop at the main menu, Splitgate will generate your lobby.

Once you're in the lobby, you'll be able to mess with the match options, changing the map, match type, score limit, match time, respawn time, primary and secondary weapons, bot difficulty, modifiers and more. You'll also be able to invite players from your friends list and from a list of recently met players.