Can You Evolve the Eight The Sparrow in Vampire Survivors?

Courtesy of poncle

With Pugnala Provola unlocked, and Eight the Sparrow unlocked and holstered at your side, you might feel unstoppable. That is until you load into the next level of Survivors and find that your pistols do far less damage, or can hit far fewer enemies than you'd like. So for those who believe that they need a boost to their firepower, here are ways to evolve Eight The Sparrow into the uber-powerful Phieraggi.

Eight the Sparrow
Your bread and butter when it comes to evolving weapons: treasure chests / Courtesy of poncle

Can You Evolve the Eight The Sparrow in Vampire Survivors?

In order to properly evolve Eight The Sparrow, you first must level the weapon up all the way to level 8. Once you're done with that you need to level up a different weapon, another Provola unlockable called Phiera Der Tuphello, all the way to level 8 as well. Once that is completed, you need to grab the passive item Tiragisú, which normally allows you to revive once per match at 50% health.

After that, you need to grab a treasure chest, which are usually spawned from dead bosses. What chests can actually evolve weapons varies, and can be confusing at first. In the early game though, the best place to pump out evolutions is the Dairy Plant, as every chest you come across there can evolve a weapon. Once you acquire this you can acquire the legendary Phieraggi, a revolver type weapon that spins four revolvers around you in a circle, with lasers coming out and dealing AOE damage.