Can You Get a Shiny Munna in Pokémon GO?

Munna and Musharna
Munna and Musharna / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Munna, the Dream Eater Pokémon, is currently spawning more frequently in Pokémon GO, so many trainers are wondering whether they can catch a shiny Munna.

As part of the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event, Pokémon from various regions now have boosted spawn rates across the world. Munna, typically a rare spawn, is one of these Pokémon, so now is a great chance for trainers to catch some Munna and evolve it into Musharna.

Can You Get a Shiny Munna in Pokémon GO?

Unfortunately for trainers looking for shiny Pokémon, Shiny Munna is not currently available in Pokémon GO. The same is the case for Basculin, another Pokémon with boosted spawn rates during this event. Niantic will likely add Munna's shiny variant sometime in the future, but considering the fact that Munna is a relatively new Pokémon added in February 2021, it may be a long wait.

Although this may come as a disappointment to some trainers, the Ultra Unlock event is still a good opportunity to add this unique Pokémon to your collection.

Munna's Pokédex number is 517. As the Dream Eater Pokémon, it feeds on people's dreams at night and gives off mist. The mist is pink when it's eating a good dream, and black when it's a nightmare. Trainers can evolve Munna into Musharna using 50 Candy and a Unova Stone.

During the Ultra Unlock Part 2 event, keep an eye out for Shiny Heracross and Shiny Kangashkan, both of which are appearing in 3-star raids. You can even find a Shiny Palkia in a 5-star raid if you're lucky.