Can You Make God of War PC Fullscreen?

Photo by Santa Monica Studio

With God of War winning 2018 Game of the Year and the sequel soon to release, many players are looking back on the original, but are finding that the game on PC is lacking a fullscreen mode.

Many fans of the game are wondering exactly how to change their display settings to fullscreen due to the issues that borderless provides.

Here's everything that we know about the display settings on God of War's PC port.

Can You Make God of War PC Fullscreen?

There is currently no fullscreen mode on God of War for PC.

While there isn't a solid explanation for this, the lack of a fullscreen mode leaves player on PC with HDR issues, and many players are disappointed by the feature not being included in the PC edition of the game.

One Twitter user wrote, "I loaded up God Of War real quick on PC. Love that high framerate even without DLSS. Weird there is no fullscreen option, though. I hate borderless."

The game currently only has the ability to change the screen to Windowed mode and Borderless mode, but no Fullscreen functionality.

For those willing to modify their games files, there are other ways to enable a fullscreen mode with mods.