Can You Pack FIFA 23 World Cup Icons From Regular Packs?

EA Sports

FIFA 23 World Cup Icons are set to arrive at 1 p.m. ET for Black Friday: Road to the FIFA World Cup.

World Cup Icons are the first Campaign Icons of the Ultimate Team cycle highlighting certain players who had special moments at the World Cup. Patrick Vieira and Cafu already received World Cup Icons in the Swaps section, but more are set to arrive as SBCs and in packs. These items will be rated between their middle version and their prime cards.

World Cup Heroes, which were released at the start of Path to Glory, are packable from all types of gold packs, SBCs, player picks and more. Fans are wondering if World Cup Icons will be the same.

Can You Pack FIFA 23 World Cup Icons From Regular Packs?

"Yes, similar to Campaign Heroes, Campaign ICONs will appear in Rare Gold Packs such as those found in Upgrade SBCs or FIFA World Cup Swaps Rewards," EA Sports said in the announcement.

As such, players should see pack probabilities as well in the store. A nice touch from EA Sports who altered FUT Champions rewards because of the TOTW Pause. Instead of red player picks and TOTW packs, EA Sports is handing out rating threshold packs instead. So, World Cup Icons will be available in packs such as the Five 83+ Rare Gold Players Pack. As well, they should be available through any upgrade SBCs that are made available as long as the cards are still in packs.

FIFA 23 World Cup Icons should arrive Friday, Nov. 25 at 1 p.m. ET.