Can You Play Apex Legends Without PS Plus?

Can you play Apex Legends without PS Plus is a popular question considering how popular the battle royale game is on PlayStation 4.

PS4 owners traditionally need a PlayStation Plus membership to play games online. It's essentially the same system as Xbox Live Gold or a Nintendo Online membership. Pay a monthly fee, play online with your friends.

Although, Apex Legends is a free title and is marketed as free-to-play. So, does that apply to PlayStation 4 owners, or potential owners at that, who want to try Apex Legends? Here's everything you need to know.

Can You Play Apex Legends Without PS Plus?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. PlayStation 4 owners must have an active PS Plus membership to play Apex Legends online. In this case, the free-to-play aspect only applies directly to the game itself. It won't cost you anything to download it, but it will cost you something to play it online with friends.

Same goes for Xbox One owners as well. The only platform that's free-to-play is PC. Fans will have to hope for a free-to-play weekend in order to play the game without a membership.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts