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Can You Play Genshin Impact on Mac?

Genshin Impact Itto and Gorou Official Artwork
Genshin Impact Itto and Gorou Official Artwork / Courtesy of Mihoyo

Genshin Impact players with Macbooks will want to know whether or not the game is available to play on Mac.

Genshin Impact was one of the most popular games of last year, and its popularity has continued growing. The game had an average of 62,320,225 monthly players as of last month, and the game's increasing player count has shown no sign of slowing down. As the game's popularity expands, more players are going to want to play it on their favorite gaming devices. For some people, this may be their trusty Macbook.

Can You Play Genshin Impact on Mac?

Unfortunately, Genshin Impact is not available on Mac. At the moment, the game is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. Mihoyo stated they are currently looking into porting the game to MacOS, however at the moment players can only enjoy the game on their iPhones and iPads.

If players want to play Genshin Impact on their Mac device, they can do so through the use of Virtual Machines. By using a Windows emulator, players will be able to run the Windows system on their Mac, allowing them to run Windows exclusive games. The most popular Windows emulators include programs like Boot Camp, Virtual Box, Parallels Desktop, and Wine, however there are countless others out there for players to try out.

“Yes, we do know there are some desires and feedback from our gamer community that they are requiring Genshin Impact to be available on MacOS," stated Yu Ling, Marketing and Business Development manager at Mihoyo in an interview. "Actually our team is still investigating to get ready and know what needs to be done to be available on macOS.”