Can You Play Mario Golf: Super Rush on Switch Lite?

Can you play Mario Golf on Switch Lite?
Can you play Mario Golf on Switch Lite? / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Can you play Mario Golf on Switch Lite? Although the Nintendo Switch Lite can play most games released for the Nintendo Switch, there are occasionally stumbling blocks with compatibility, mostly having to do with the use of Joy Cons. Is Mario Golf: Super Rush affected by these stumbling blocks? Here's what you need to know.

Can You Play Mario Golf on Switch Lite?

Despite occasional failures to align between the Switch and its Lite counterpart, Mario Golf appears unaffected by these problems. Players can enjoy the casual golf experience on either the standard Switch or the Switch Lite without issue. They won't be able to use the motion controls offered by the Joy Cons on the standard Switch, but the game runs well and the controls aren't a huge loss.

Mario Golf: Super Rush was released worldwide June 25 as the latest in a long line of Mario sports games. Although the golf entries in the Mario sports series aren't as deeply beloved as the soccer or baseball games, anticipation was as high as it ever is for Mario sports releases ahead of the game's launch.

Critical reception of the game has been mixed, with complaints cropping up about the game's adventure mode and lack of content at launch.