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Can You Play Rocket League Cross Platform?

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Rocket League Promo Image / Photo via Psyonix / Epic Games

Can you play Rocket League cross platform?

Rocket League has been surging in popularity lately and many players are wondering if they can play the game cross-platform.

Can You Play Rocket League Cross Platform?

Yes, you can play Rocket League cross platform.

When the game first launched in 2015, it was purchasable on most major platforms, most notably on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

Today, the game is owned by Psyonix and Epic Games, available on the Nintendo Switch, and free-to-play on the Epic Games Store.

All Rocket League accounts were merged over from RocketID to an Epic Games account once the game turned free-to-play and made it easier for players to access their cross-platform friends with a cleaner UI menu.

With the Friends Update (Feb. 19, 2019), Psyonix added the Friends List, which allows players to create cross-platform parties with their friends on any system that their account is connected to.

How to Play Rocket League Cross Platform?

The friends list can be found on the main menu of the game, either by clicking on it for PC players or by pressing the right bumper for consoles.

From there, players can access all their friends playing on the same platform as them through the built-in Epic Games friends list and those playing on separate consoles such as the PS5, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch.