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Can You Play With Friends in the AOT Fan-Made Game?

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The ability to play games with your friends is one of the best features of video games. Being able to hang out while you’re all playing the same game is amazing, especially when it's a cool new game.

One of the cool new games is a fan-made Attack on Titan game made by Swammy. In this game, you are able to zip around both the city and the forest while fighting titans.

One of the biggest questions revolving around this game is can you play multiplayer?

Can You Play With Friends in the AOT Fan-Made Game

The short answer - yes, you can play with friends. The multiplayer feature was one that took some trial and error in order to work properly.

At first, the game was just single-player until fans requested a multiplayer feature. Soon after the feature was released, but not without its issues.

Despite the feature being in the game, many players were not able to connect with their friends and actually play the game. But after some more work, and some help from the Epic Games servers, the game is able to be played with friends.

And it sure does seem like fun to have you and your friends flying around the city and attacking the titans wandering around the maps.