Can You Preorder Sifu?

Photo by Sloclap

Can you preorder Sifu?

In Thursday's State of Play, Sifu stole the show for many fans. The kung fu action game brings back memories of martial arts films from years past, whether it's classic Bruce Lee, Karate Kid, or anything in between. So, for many of these excited fans, they're wondering about whether they can pre-order Sifu right now. For those interested in buying Sifu right now, here's what we know about Sifu and pre-ordering.

Can You Preorder Sifu?

Sifu is currently unavailable to preorder. The PlayStation store has a listing for the game, but no option to preorder the game. The Epic Games Store is the same, just providing information about Sifu, and saying that the game is coming soon.

In a lot of ways, not having Sifu available to preorder makes sense. The game doesn't have a release date yet, only a release window for 2022. Players can expect to be able to pre-order Sifu when an official release date is set, most likely later in 2021. This news might disappoint some, but players will have to wait until more information is revealed by Sloclap, the studio behind Sifu. Because of its appearance at Sony's State of Play, some speculate that Sifu could be headed to PlayStation Now, but this hasn't been confirmed quite yet.

Sifu's kung fu gameplay, and its core mechanic of returning stronger and older after each death, caught the eyes of many gamers back in February, when its reveal trailer released. With such a unique genre, many are thrilled to have a martial arts game where they can crack heads and master ancient techniques.