Can You Save the Hackett's in The Quarry?

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Can you save the Hackett's in The Quarry?

Spoiler alert, someone always has to be sacrificed for others to survive, precisely what happens in The Quarry. If you want to save everyone from the Hackett family, you must prepare to say goodbye to some counselors. Here is a guide on how to save the Hackett family.

Saving the Hackett's in The Quarry

1. Kaylee

Kaylee is one of the couple characters that cannot be saved. Her destiny has been decided and she will die no matter what path the player has chosen. Laura will kill Kaylee off-screen by the end of Chapter 5. Although Kaylee can never be saved from dying, the rest of the Hackett family has a chance to live.

2. Constance

In Chapter 9, players will have to decide if they shoot the mother of the family, Constance. Laura and Constance will wrestle for a gun and the scenario will begin. Players can opt to fail the quick time event, not shoot her. Remember, don't kill Bobby if, given the chance. Players who choose to succeed in the quick time event will see her face blown off... ouch!

3. Jedidiah

Laura loves fighting old people, this time it's the father of the family. To save him, you must run away from Jedidiah instead of attacking him. If you decide to hurt Bobby, Jedidiah will also die. So remember, always save and protect the Hackett family if you want them to survive.

4. Chris and Bobby

Sadly, Kaylee is not the only family member that has to be sacrificed. Chris will also have to die if you want to stop Constance and Jedidiah from dying. If you choose to save Chris, Constance and Jedidiah will die.

The critical event takes place in Chapter 9 when controlling Ryan. Ryan has the option of who to shoot, Chris or Bobby. Remember, always save Bobby!

5. Travis

If Travis is shot during the prison escape, he will stab Laura to death. If that is the case, do not stop him from killing Laura and then Ryan afterward to keep Travis alive.

In the case that Travis does not get shot when escaping, he will team up with Laura and Ryan by the final chapter. Make sure to kill Silas when the group finds him or else Silas will kill all three.

6. Caleb

The werewolf of the family, Caleb Hackett, fights Kaitlyn in the lodge. To keep him alive, let him kill her and choose to wait until he goes through the chimney. Remember to not shoot him as he comes in.

That's how you successfully save majority of the Hackett family in The Quarry.