Can You Shift in MLB The Show 23?

San Diego Studios

MLB is implementing a couple major rule changes set for the 2023 season, and MLB The Show 23 will incorporate these changes into the game.

The first addition to the game is a pitch clock, which the MLB is trying out for the first time this season. The pitch clock is intended to help games move quicker and increase the amount of time that the audience will see action.

The second rule change added to the MLB for the 2023 season is an alteration of the shift, which made fans angry because of the numerous base hits denied by the defensive shift. The MLB has created a rule that there must be two players on either side of second base, and they cannot touch the outfield grass prior to the pitch.

Can You Shift in MLB The Show 23?

MLB The Show 23 will implement the rule changes that have been made to the shift. Therefore, players will be unable to put more than two fielders on one side of second base. This will make MLB The Show 23 even more realistic and coincide with the real life MLB rules.

Even though players will not be able to shift, people can still try out the other changes to the game because it has been officially released for a few days.