Can You Still Play Mobius Final Fantasy?

Wol in Mobius Final Fantasy.
Wol in Mobius Final Fantasy. / Square Enix

Mobius Final Fantasy was an episodic RPG for mobile devices and PC. The game officially ended service back in 2020, but can you still play it?

Mobius Final Fantasy was perhaps one of the lesser known Final Fantasy titles. The game follows the character of Wol, Warrior of Light, who wakes in the world of Palamecia with amnesia. Mobius Final Fantasy offered fans a retelling of the original Final Fantasy, featuring a number of characters that debut in the first game. Princess Sarah Lotte Cornelia and Garland each played a more expansive role, with the game's main antagonist being Chaos and his legion of Fiends.

Mobius Final Fantasy released in Japan in 2015 and received an international release in 2016. The game had reasonable success after launch, becoming one of the most successful mobile titles in its release year. Sadly, the game ended service worldwide on June 30, 2020.

Can You Still Play Mobius Final Fantasy?

At the time of writing, there is no official way to play Mobius Final Fantasy. Square Enix shut down support for all versions of the game, for both mobile and PC.

The game required a network connection to play, meaning that without supported servers there is no way to play the game again.