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Can You Still Play Rebirth Island in Warzone Pacific?

Image courtesy of Activision

Players might be keen to know if Rebirth Island is still playable when Warzone Pacific's new map, Caldera, arrives.

Some big changes are on the horizon for Call of Duty: Warzone. The first season of Vanguard and Warzone Pacific is set to kick off on Dec. 8 for early access players, bringing with it a brand-new map to jump into. A lot of changes and additions are set to be made when Vanguard integrates into Warzone, but that has led many players to wonder if some of their favorites will survive the change.

Rebirth Island quickly became a fan-favorite map when it arrived in Warzone along with the Black Ops Cold War integration towards the end of 2020. But, with a new map on the way, will players still be able to jump into Rebirth?

Can You Still Play Rebirth Island in Warzone Pacific?

The short answer is "yes." Rebirth Island will still be playable when Warzone Pacific launches on Dec. 8. The map was confirmed to be remaining on the Season One roadmap.

The slightly longer answer is that it will only be available briefly, before disappearing and returning again later in Season One. All players will be able to hop into Rebirth Island on Dec. 8, while Vanguard players with early access will have 24 hours of exclusive access to Caldera. Once this exclusive period passes, all players will have access to Caldera, with Rebirth Island returning at an unspecified later date.

During the season, Featured Playlists will include Rebirth Island for Resurgences and other game modes. Keep an eye on the Playlists going forward to see when you can expect Rebirth Island back in rotation.