Can You Still Watch Fortnite New Year's Event?

Photo via Epic Games

Fortnite's New Year's Eve event took place yesterday and allowed players to join a standard Battle Royale match to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

Players would have to stay alive until midnight to actually see the event, so many outlets recommended joining a few minutes before the New Year strikes.

Can You Still Watch Fortnite New Year's Event?

Unfortunately for players, Fortnite's New Year's Eve event was a limited time event that can no longer be participated in.

According to WiloParada on Twitter, "The event runs every hour to represent the countries that enter the new year in each time zone and in case you can’t play at 00:00 am in yours."

There are still 2022 items in the shop for players to buy, but the event itself took place midnight on Dec. 31, meaning it will no longer be active for players today. If you missed it, you could check out the tweet below to rewatch what happened Dec. 31, 2021, on Fortnite.

Now, the event is over, since every timezone has officially entered the New Year.

Despite this, an event like it should come back next New Year's, so those who missed it do have a chance to participate when 2023 comes around.