Can You Unlock New Characters in Mario Party Superstars?

Photo courtesy of Nintendo

The long-awaited and highly anticipated latest installment in the Mario Party series is finally here. Now out exclusively on Nintendo Switch, Mario Party Superstars will pit friends against each other in this relaxing yet competitive party-style game that can host up to four players at once.

With a sum of 10 characters available at the jump, fans are excited to know if more can be unlocked. We at DBLTAP have the answer, keep reading to find out.

Can You Unlock New Characters in Mario Party Superstars?

Unfortuantely, players cannot unlock any new characters in Mario Party Superstars. The game begins with 10 characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Birdo, and Yoshi.
Those 10 characters make up the entirety of the games' rosters leaving no secret characters to be unlocked down the line.

Can You Unlock New Characters in Mario Party Superstars?
Mario Party Superstars starts players off with 10 characters, but can more be unlocked? / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Many are considering this the games biggest flaws, as, despite being a fun party game to play with friends, it would give players an objective in addition to entertainment. With plenty of Mario games and spin-off titles being released over the years many are considering this a big flaw on the part of Nintendo.

Memorable faces like Bowser, Toad, and Boo are missing and undoubtedly other characters, well known or not, could have been added to diversify players' choices. Nevertheless, players are still provided with a variety of fan-favorite and staple characters of the Mario franchise to play as.

The game will no doubt bring back quite a lot of nostolgia for those who played the Nintendo 64 or GameCube iterations of Mario Party. Regardless if players are new or returning, the game is sure to be a blast!