Capcom Security Breach Compromised 16,000 Accounts

November's ransomware attack is proving more widespread than initially suspected.
November's ransomware attack is proving more widespread than initially suspected. / Photo courtesy of Capcom

Capcom says 16,415 Capcom accounts had personal data compromised in a ransomware attack that took place last year, up from the just nine pieces of compromised data the company previously reported.

The attack, performed by an organization called Ragnar Locker in November, was initially suspected to have affected at most 350,000 items of personal information. Although only 16,415 accounts have since been confirmed as affected by the breach, Capcom now estimates as many as 390,000 accounts may have been affected.

Of the confirmed compromised accounts, 3,248 belonged to Capcom business partners, 9,146 to former employees and related parties, and 3,995 to current employees and related parties. Compromised information includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and human resources information where applicable.

Capcom continues to contact those who have been verified to have been affected by the attack, and to investigate the personal information that may have been at risk.

Capcom maintains no credit information has been affected, as its online transactions are handled by a third-party service provider and no credit card info is stored internally.

Customers worried they may have been affected by the attack can contact Capcom via the email addresses and phone numbers provided in its Tuesday update regarding the attack.

"Capcom would once again like to reiterate its deepest apologies for any complications or concerns caused by this incident," the company wrote.