Capcom Shows Off Resident Evil 4 Remake Gameplay

Leon S. Kennedy in the Resident Evil 4 remake
Leon S. Kennedy in the Resident Evil 4 remake / Image courtesy of Capcom

Capcom's dedicated showcase gave fans the first glimpse of gameplay for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake.

Resident Evil fans were treated to a wave of announcements and reveals yesterday as part of the Capcom Showcase. Players were given news on the upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC, Shadows of Rose, and well as a third-person mode for the game's campaign. But one reveal stole the spotlight — gameplay for the Resident Evil 4 remake.

The clip is brief, but players get their first look at the remake running on the RE Engine giving a darker, and more mature feel to the 2005 classic. Protagonist Leon S. Kennedy retains his Resident Evil 2 remake style though is now noticeably older and left harrowed by his experiences. The game is set six years after the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi confirmed during the showcase that the upcoming game will be a "reimagining of Resident Evil 4 based on the original 2005 release."

The Ganado — main enemies in Resident Evil 4 — have been "completely redesigned" according to director Yasuhiro Anpo "in order to truly bring out the concept of 'terror of people controlled by madness.'"

The clip confirmed the return of the over-the-shoulder camera as Leon is shown walking through the game's opening forest. "We want to nail the feeling of loneliness and fear of not knowing what lies ahead, even more so than the original."

Anpo revealed that more information on the game will be revealed in the near future.

Resident Evil 4 is set for release on March 24, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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