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Card Shark Release Date Information

Image courtesy of Nerial

Card Shark has been given a release date for PC and Nintendo Switch. Here's what you need to know.

Developer Nerial's unique adventure game, Card Shark, has been given a release date for the Nintendo Switch and its Steam release. The game is set in 18th-Century France, where the player learns how to effectively trick, deceive, and cheat the aristocracy out of their wins.

Players will need to learn and master a number of techniques and tricks if they hope to swindle even the most attentive gamblers.

So, when will players be able to get their hands on Card Shark?

When is the Release Date for Card Shark?

Card Shark will be making its way to Nintendo Switch and PC on June 2.

Players don't have too long to wait until they can test their skills, but those who want to practice in the meantime can download a two-hour demo. The demo can also be replayed indefinitely so players can truly perfect their skills before launch.

Pre-orders are now live on both Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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