Carlos Vela FIFA 22: How to Complete the Team of the Season SBC

Photo by FUTBIN

Carlos Vela FIFA 22 Team of the Season SBC is now live after he received a special item during the Community TOTS portion of the promotion.

LAFC's Vela is a fan-favorite in FIFA, especially in the latter half of a game cycle. Early on, fans get frustrated seeing Vela's name pop up in packs. But, once he receives a high-rated special card, usually during TOTS, players try and find ways to fit him into squads. This is the second special card in FIFA 22 for Vela who previously received an 85-rated TOTW.

Carlos Vela FIFA 22: How to Complete the Team of the Season SBC

Here's how to complete the Team of the Season Vela SBC in FIFA 22:

  • One Segment
  • Squad Rating: 84
  • Team Chemistry: 70
  • # of Players in the Squad: 11

An absolute no-brainer for fans to complete this SBC. An 84-rated squad with no special items required for a 90 overall Team of the Season card is fantastic value. Even if you don't plan on using him in your starting squad or off the bench as a substitute, he'll be valuable fodder moving forward. EA Sports usually requires TOTS cards when Guaranteed TOTS SBCs roll around, so having Vela to use as the first piece of fodder to consistently recycle will be helpful.

Though, if you were interested in using him, he's got great pace, well rounding shooting and dribbling. Plus, he received a notable upgrade to his weak foot which now sits at four stars.

TOTS Vela expires May 9.