Caustic Drops Easy Squad Wipe in Hilarious Fashion

One jump turned this squad wipe into a self-squad wipe.
One jump turned this squad wipe into a self-squad wipe. | Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

They say pride goeth before a fall, but in Apex Legends it's greed that leads more frequently to a fall. Sometimes that fall is more literal than others.

It certainly was in this clip, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Friday by u/hollydorzok. At the video's start, hollydorzok attempts to revive their fallen teammate in the midst of a firefight, but an enemy pulls open the door beside them and forces a confrontation.

Hollydorzok drops the revive and returns fire, managing to knock down the interloper. They then climb up to the roof, trying to reposition and get a heal off. Instead, they run headlong into another enemy, this one a Caustic. This one manages to knock them down, all but ending the confrontation; hollydorzok was the last living member of their team.

Lucky for hollydorzok, they have a gold knockdown shield, which allows them to self-revive. Unlucky for hollydorzok, there's nowhere to hide. The enemy Caustic approaches, aiming to finish them off.

Hollydorzok crawls backward in desperation, knowing the fight is finished. But then the Caustic decides to show off and jump over hollydorzok before killing them. Little do they know, they're just inches from the edge of the map. Leaping into the air, the Caustic balances on holldorzok's body for a moment. Then they slide, effortlessly, off the side of the building, tumbling down to their death, losing the fight in the only way possible.

Truly a herculean throw.